The perfect home is something that most people aspire to, but very few can actually achieve – that is, without a little professional help along the way. Here’s where an interior designer steps in. Now, before you jump to the conclusion that interior design services are too expensive or out of your realm, know that many people employ interior designers for services ranging from a two-hour design consultations to complete full scale remodel and  renovation. So, what does an interior designer actually do, and how can one help you achieve your dream home?

Interior Insights

 You may already know what you like in terms of overall style, materials and products, or you may not! Regardless of your current level of engaged thought on your space, a designer can point you in the right direction, then lead the way. They do this by getting to know their clients’ personalities, their lifestyles and their overall aesthetic preferences. Then, this personal knowledge is tempered with their design skills, technical training, product knowledge and creative capacity.

Tip: As the client, ensure you come prepared for your initial consultation, so as to you maximize your time with the designer. Come with questions, ideas, goals and inspiration for your space. Make time and leave the distractions at the door. On the flip-side, be prepared to answer questions that will give your designer an insider edge. The more information they have about you and how you live, the better equipped they’ll be to bring your dream home to life.

Industry Connections

One of the biggest obstacles for DIY designers is know who to turn to for products and services. Are you getting good value? Is this tradesperson reputable and do they do quality work? Does your chosen retailer stand behind their products and materials, and what happens if there’s an error or damage on delivery? These are all valid questions and concerns, and ones that an experienced designer like myself are able to speak to on the spot. Designers work with hundreds (if not thousands) of service providers and product suppliers, and they know the good ones from the bad ones – often from their own professional experience

No Stress, No Mess

Your interior designer is there to handle the project, from start to finish. That takes the burden of the budget, timeline and about a million little details, off the client. It is the designer’s job to keep the project running smoothly; to coordinate, confirm and correct as needed, so regardless of the size or scope of work, you can step back and relax.

Ask yourself: How involved do you really want to be in the project, beyond your regular communication with the designer? This is something to determine early on in the hiring process, as some designers insist on a hands-off approach while others welcome client involvement.

Remember that interior designers are experts in their field. They know what works, what doesn’t and why. So, give them enough space and creative freedom to do what they do best. Don’t worry, they’ll pull you in as needed and keep you updated along the way..

Working with a designer can take your home – and in turn, your life – to the next level.

Remember, a home renovation is an investment and when done well, with the right people by your side, it will pay off big , both in terms of a better quality of life and a higher property value.   

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